Start Your Music Production Career: Part 1

Digital Audio Workstations

Starting to be a music producer nowadays is not as complicated as the days before various digital music production software spreads around the internet. You don’t need to master how to play instruments or need to know complicated music scales to start producing music. All you really need to start is having the intention to make music and a computer. But having musical ears and know a little bit of chords and scales, it will vastly benefit your music production career.

“Starting Your Music Production Career” is a series of articles, explaining all the essential things you might need to know to start making music for your career.

What do I get when i produce music?

Being able to produce music will get you from an average listener to the actual contributor of your music society. You are also be able to meet new people by getting to know each other with common interests in music by sharing music and making track collaborations with artists and other music producers. by doing that, you will learn more about your society and expand your music production skills.

What are the key things to start producing music?

Know your music production approach.

To start off, you need to know your music production approach. It is better for you to focus on a specific music type first, before expanding your production to other music types. This is important because the more focused you are towards your first music genre, you will be able to broaden up your musical knowledge as you gain more experience on producing music.

Get serious

Being a music producer needs seriousness. It may seem intimidating looking at many buttons, knobs, meters, and faders on your music production software before knowing anything about it. But putting your time and effort to know and learn the software you are working on is really important. you will eventually get used to it.

Listening to other producer’s work

Listening to multiple producer’s work will get you inspired in shaping your sounds. The more you listen, the more sounds that will inspire you in making music. By listening to references, you will also be able to mix and match the style of music you like from those producers, then putting it altogether, making your own unique production.

Once you are ready, we will take you through the world of music production

Setting up your home studio

You can virtually produce music everywhere, as long as you have visual and audio feedback from your computer, but the best place to start is always your home. That’s how we all might familiar with the term “home studio”. The place where you produce music is really important because when you are producing music where you find comfort, the result will gratify your reflection of comfort.

To start off, you can simply lay down your laptop or computer on a desk, and plug in your headphones for your monitor. and theoretically, you can start producing music. You are going to run a digital workstation or DAW to start your first beats and notes. there are numerous of options of DAW you can use. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid.

Choosing Your Digital Audio Workstation

When you are producing music through a computer or a laptop, your audio project is processed digitally. Meaning, all the sounds that you make on your laptop is in the form of binary codes those later translated to analog signal through your monitoring device.

Each DAWs has its own unique workflow advantage. you can try to have a bit of research of multiple DAWs. Look for the features and user interface before you decide to download or purchase your DAW of choice in order to get your best personalized music production experience.

Here’s a list of our top Digital Audio Workstation recommendation for you to start.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a digital audio workstation software developed by Apple. Logic Pro X is the beefed up version of Garageband, The Digital Audio Interface all mac users already familiar with. If you perhaps have ever used Garageband before, you will feel at home using Logic Pro X because they have very similar interface. We recommend Logic Pro X because it has all the features needed for producers, and supports multiple third party plugin format for you will eventually expand as you gain your producing skills.

Coming at $199.99, Logic Pro X is a huge bargain considering all the features offered.

Get Logic Pro X here


Ableton Live 9 Suite

If you want to bring your production to live performance, then look no further than Ableton Live 9 Suite. Ableton Live 9 Suite is a digital audio workstation suite that lets you both produce and perform in one software. Ableton Live 9 Suite will help you a lot if you frequently use music samples for your production. moreover, there are expansion packs you can purchase to further enhance your production ideas. Also, Music production gear manufacturers such as AKAI, and Novation designed MIDI controllers those are made for Ableton Live 9.

Live 9 Suite would cost you a whopping $599, but with all set of features offered, it’s worth every penny.

Get Ableton Live 9 Suite here

Words by: Najmi Ismail