The Essential Music Guide to Post-Valentine’s Day Bliss

LOVE is not just all about pink/red hearts and shabby pick up lines. These artists will help you remember why....

Chances are high that if you’re reading this, you did not celebrate Valentine’s day. It may be because (1) you’re not that romantic, (2) you’re the everyday-is-Valentine’s-day type of person, (3) you experience secondhand embarrassment at the slightest appearance of PDA, or (4) the day reminds you of a former significant other, whom you are desperately trying to forget. Whatever the reason, and at the end of it all, we can agree that it’s easy to lose ourselves from being bombarded by corny merchandise and non-authentic “Be My Valentine” greeting cards. Which is why today, we will explore the works of 5 artists to help us leave those mainstream standard #vdayfeels behind for good. 


1. Can you be romantic sans romance? Why yes you can. RY X shows you how through his track (and powerful video), “Only.” 



2. For the everyday-is-Valentine’s-day type, we are taking it back to 1984 with Ashford and Simpson’s “Solid as a Rock”. Trust them when they sing, the thrill is still hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.



3. Redirect your eyes from the vibrant pink and red you’ve seen this past week with Chance the Rapper’s nostalgically mellow music video, “Same Drugs.”



4. Let me just say that collaborating with your loved one, creatively or otherwise, is the ONLY acceptable form of PDA. Solange Knowles and her husband Alan Ferguson do it best together as co-directors of her music video, “Cranes in the Sky.”



5. And finally, a wise woman once said that the only thing hell hath more fury at than a woman scorned, is a songwriter. Björk’s “Black Lake” undeniably captures the beauty and remembrance of a crushing heartbreak.