Photo Essay By Fredrik Lundqvist: Amed of Bali

In 2014 I accompanied my friend Dustin to a small village in the mountains near Amed, Bali. He had been helping them to build water wells for a couple years. They had issues getting clean drinking water and the problems that come with that. Just getting up to the village is a mission in itself, with windy roads and the impending risks of landslides and flash floods. 

Visiting Amed is like going back in time, a side of Bali most people never see, or even know exist. It took Dustin a long time to get the trust of the locals, making Dustin's mission a lot harder, but when I visited there was a friendly atmosphere and we were treated with coffee and fresh coconuts on arrival. I was there to document the building of the wells and have since been back four times to photograph the people.

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