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The most important part of a Coworking Space is the comfort of its furniture.

Thanks to our sponsors VIVERE, we can confidently say we have Bali’s most ergonomic seating combined with spacious, dedicated desks.

From their Home Office Collection, VIVERE’s rattan style gives our Coworking Space a particular Indonesian flavour.

Without them, we’d just be another glorified cafe.



Pondok Lensa are the island’s premier Film & Photography equipment rental company.

Providing us with camera’s, lenses, lights and everything else you could need for your video or film shoot.

We couldn’t be happier for their support for the Photography studio, and the Genesis concept as a whole.

Need extra equipment? Pondok Lensa also provide a 10% discount to all Genesis Studio users.

Visit Pondok Lensa


Pioneer DJ are world leaders in musical engineering equipment.

To have them on board as sponsors is not just an honour, it is validation of the project we have set to accomplish at Genesis.

By providing sampler, decks, turntable, speakers - and much else besides - they have helped us make our music studio the most accessible on the island.

They’ll also help take your music experience to the next level.



Atilla & Co. are the quintessential Bali boutique fashion brand.

Their story represents the fashion label that starts with a dream, and turns it into reality.

Quality for the everyday, the Atilla & Co. style and history is a reflection of the journeys we hope to host in our fashion studio.

Their support is indispensable in making the fashion studio the most affordable in Bali.

Visit Atilla & Co.