Andesita Oki

Hi! My name is Andesita Oki.

Julian Latif

Hi! My name is Julian Latif.

Jordan Pol

Hi! My name is Jordan Pol.

Design Assembly

Hi! This is Tim Caston and Amber Johnsey and we are Design Assembly.


SINDHÈN App was founded in 2014 by a group of high school friends who wanted to create nightlife app that makes going out in Jakarta easier for everyone.

Evelyn Grace

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I create fashion and wearables.

George Speirs

Hi! My name is George Speirs and I create many things. From music to art, film and photo to building designs, anything creative gets me fired up.

Adithio Noviello

Hi! My name is Adithio and I am a Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker based in London. I create documentaries with a wide range of focus that often deal with the struggle of a subject. I also create photographs while I travel extensively for work, which usually develops into a Photography series.