Genesis Creative Centre's Grand Opening Festival Brings The Creative Community Together


When you open Bali’s first ever Creative Centre, you can’t just throw a party.

You need to host a festival.

IG Open Poster.jpg

We wanted to have a Grand Opening unlike any other. More than just booze and mingling, we wanted to play a little game.

A little game that required a passport.

Opening up all studio doors, we had related activities where people could interact with the space and participate in a multi-disciplinary Creative Journey.

IG Rules Poster.png

It all began in our Pantry.

Once you got the passport, the first stamp was simple enough to receive. Go get yourself a tasty Tuatara Pilsner on tap from the Beervana boys to help lubricate the creative process.


First stop on the journey was the fashion studio.

We thought it appropriate to infuse Bali’s first Creative Centre with island tradition - and learn how to wear traditional Balinese dress.

The fanciest of fancy dress.

Genesis Opening (4 of 109).jpg

It was fascinating to see people’s whole demeanour change when they donned their new attire.

Genesis Opening (100 of 109).jpg

The perfect combination of Colourful and Celebratory cheer.

Genesis Opening (88 of 109).jpg



Using long exposure light painting we gave participants the chance to handle the excellent photography gear from Pondok Lensa.

By taking a photograph over 4 seconds, they could use lights to communicate anything they wanted.

They chose to…

Share the love.


Write whatever came to mind




Or release their inner cheeky-teenager.



The art studio provided the most challenging activity: Memory Drawing.

Our participants were given a famous art work, ranging from Michealangelo’s Creation of Adam, to Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

But you only had 10 seconds to look at it, then 5 minutes to recreate the masterpiece from memory.

Genesis Opening  mum art.jpg

This group is painting Roy Lichtenstein’s classic pop art WHAAM!

With varying degrees of success….

Genesis Opening (8 of 109).jpg

What we loved was how engaged people were.

How much fun people were having as their inner artist called was upon and tested.

Genesis Opening (9 of 109).jpg

Even our dear friend Brandon gave a good go at The Scream.

Genesis Opening (79 of 109).jpg


Coworking was the place to Co-Author a story together.

Every person would write 5 words to follow on from the last, creating a 400 word - increasingly inebriated - story.

Genesis Opening Co-Author.jpg

The risk of doing this, particularly when releasing John’s creative writing powers, should have been obvious.

Genesis Opening (70 of 109).jpg



The workshop became our mini Gallery/Showcase room.

There were items on show from the Bleachroom, as well as community member Ranee showing off her Ikat line Mahara and jewlery collection Lanka.

We also had our own Creative Assistant Kezia display her fascinating art work.


Finally, we had one of the raunchiest scarf’s ever made on display, provided by our dear friend Logan.





Once all stamps were collected, we could proceed to the Music Studio - where some of Canggu’s most prevalent DJ’s were on the decks.

DJ Rory Cordz

Genesis Opening Rory Cordz.jpg

It was like having our very own Genesis Boiler Room!

DJ Halim

Genesis Opening Halim.jpg

All completed passports went into the running for some incredible prizes.

After much anticipation, the grand prize of 20 free studio hours at Genesis went to DJ Flick.

No prizes on guessing which studio she’ll use.

Genesis Opening (40 of 109).jpg

We thank everyone for coming down and supporting the Genesis of Genesis, particularly our volunteers who worked tirelessly to support the night.

It was amazing to see so many creatives in the community come down and get their juices flowing.

We look forward to seeing everyone back soon, and embarking on our own creative journey…

James Buchanan