Robots In Vicious Cycle Depict AI Revolution | Michael Marczewski


The world is hurtling towards an AI revolution, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The traditional working class that does the repetitive, back braking work that makes the world go round are soon to be largely automated.

It will create what best selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus Noah Yuval Harari calls the “Useless Class”.

How can humans compete with robots that never tire or complain and do mechanical tasks better?

Screenshot from Vicious Cycle

Screenshot from Vicious Cycle


In the short animation Vicious Cycle, Michael Marczewski excellently brings to light the superiority machines have over man in executing mundane tasks.

Everything from hospitality to chopping lumper. Mining to household chores. It seems no realm is safe from AI.

The hazardous crescendo leaves the robots worked to the point of “malfunction”. It’s an eerie reminder of the superiority machines have in the sector of repetitive tasks.

Overwork a human, and you can turn them into a slave. Then, it’s rebellion or death.

Overwork a machine, you can just get another machine.

Michael's attention to detail, colour schemes and CGI engineered mechanisms reminds us that machines have the potential to liberate us from the mundane.

It is why we must, as a matter of economic and spiritual urgency, realise a wider, collective creative capacity not only to remain relevant, but thrive.

Because the robots are coming…