The Master of Hyperrealistic Portraits | Mike Dargas


Mike Dargas is a german painter with an incredible eye for detail.


His hyperrealistic portraits literally make you lean in closer, even more so with his attractive subjects and sensual-lite themes.


Previously an award winning tattoo artist, Mike started his creative movements as a carpenter producing sculptures from wood and metal.

Now, as a painter, he works with a much softer material that allows him to introduce some unimaginable detail to every piece.

Mike chooses to drizzle and cover each subject with either honey, chocolate, oil or paper.

This simple addition makes each piece more sexual and mysterious.


Unsurprisingly, these paintings take time, attention to detail and a whole lot of talent.

All these skills he developed in his carpentry apprenticeship and early tattoo days before bursting onto the hyperrealist scene.

Mike not only inspires patients in producing fine works of art. He also a prime example of the benefits of totally reinventing ones approach to creation.

Great artists allow themselves to imagine a completely new creative direction in order to unleash undiscovered artistic potential.

The results speak for themselves…