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The Genesis of Genesis…

The Bali based Creative Centre concept was born out of a plethora of artistic talent and expression on the island…

One problem - there was nowhere these creatives, across a multitude of disciplines, could call home.

The raison d’tre of Genesis is in the name. Any idea, big or small, abstract or concrete, naive or experienced, growing or cultivated - everything starts somewhere.

Everything has a Genesis.

We believe that no idea deserves to be shackled. Everyone deserves the sanctuary to try their best. Every story is meant to be told.

All you need is a platform.

Genesis Creative Centre exists to make everyones creative journey affordable, accessible and enjoyable. What better place to embark on your creative journey than Bali?



Why Bali?

On the Island of the Gods, creativity isn’t just a skill or an activity.

Creativity is a Spirit.

A Spirit that possess us all.

A Spirit that must be loved, respected and exercised. Regularly.

It’s a Spirit that know’s no limits nor restricts itself to a single form of artistic expression.

That’s why it was almost inevitable that this one-of-a-kind, multi-disciplinary Creative Centre was born in Bali.

Indeed, it may just have been the will of the Gods…


Why Berawa?

Berawa has always been a sleepy, coastal suburb of Canggu.

Sandwiched in between world-famous Seminyak and Echo Beach, Berawa has become a haven for surfers, entrepreneurs and chillers alike.

Genesis has ridden the recent wave that has seen the Canggu area evolve into a vibrant, Digital Nomad Capital of the World.

Affordable eateries, hangouts and motorbike culture, combined with beautiful, talented people, and you have the one of the most pleasant places on earth to just do your thing.

There is something undeniably special happening right here, right now.

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate place on earth for our first Genesis Creative Centre.

Be part of something special and Start Your Creative Journey Today….


Our Sponsors

Genesis has a lot of essential parts, but without our studio and coworking sponsors
Genesis wouldn’t be what it is today.

Atilla & Co sponsors the fashion studio, PioneerDJ Indonesia sponsors the music studio,
Pondok Lensa sponsors the photography studio and Vivere sponsors the Coworking Hub.